Monday, 21 March 2011

Wow, that was a busy week.

This week saw your friendly neighbourhood blogger really wrapped up in work.
I have spent many a 24 hour period franticaly bashing at the keyboard in order to maintain deadlines and have had to somewhat abandon my efforts here in blogland.

It is therefore, with much delight, I announce my return to routine. No more 4 Am coffee, no more frantic printing as the sun rises, not even any more restless attempts to sleep.

As always, Monday nights see my weekly forray into bass music in the form of my online radio show.
The show is small, I only attract around 100 dedicated bass heads each week but it is worth it
With this in mind, feel free to join me in a large spliff and lovely music from 6PM (GMT) over at the following address:

Monday night spliff sessions.

don't worry if you don't smoke, brew a tea, get some coffee on the go; hell, you can down a bottle of jacks, all I ask is that you lock in and give me your honest opinion of the sounds you hear.
Love to all my followers and love to everyone.
Snypadub signing out for a quick power nap.



  1. Missed last week so i will be locked!

  2. Missed it again, pre-locked for next week.

  3. Gaaaaaash. Missed it by a hair. Will be lockin next week!

  4. Trying to get on now, i'm guessing I missed it since it's not working?

  5. Ah nice one, will definitely be on this next week. You start your show as I finish mine! Going to be a music filled evening on Mondays from now on!

  6. haha, good to see your back and not so hectic...

  7. glad you got a little downtime. missed the show. better luck next time maybe!

  8. Missed it this time, hopefully be able to lock in next week

  9. Didn't lock, wanna lock. Hopefully will lock.