Thursday, 19 May 2011

Exams finnished

Officially on my summer holiday now :)

 Absolutely exhausted.

Monday, 16 May 2011


Two hours and felt like a breeze. Had to discuss how a passage from middlemarch reflected on the novelistic form and I read the fucker as a sci-fi bringing a unique perspective on its form! Chuffed.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


I really wanted to fit both, an interrobang and a glottal spot into a single phrase.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Exams next week so don't expect too much activity...

As the title may suggest, next week shall be a period of hectic last minute revision; stress releiving spliffs and surplus ammounts of coffee. I shall try to make onew or two posts but please forgive me and don't give up on me if I fail to appear on here.

The upshot of being back in Bristol during the exam period means that I can get back to all my equipment and put on a one off radio show! Tuesday night 8-10 snypasessions featuring tonnes of uk funky, dubstep, hip hop and whatever else I can fit in :)

Tuesday 8-10 (GMT):

Shall correct the link nearer the time as I'm sure that isn't the right one :)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

any one able to help???

Trying to send out my track to vartious dj's promoters, labels etc but finding it a lil difficult. Few questions for my blogging fam:

Roughly how long do these people take to get back to you?
How liekely is it my track will even get heard by the people I need it to be heard by?

Safeage. Got a pair od mdr-700's today they sound beaut :)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Loefah- horror show (snypa's house in the dark remix)

Ez bassweight lovers, been toying with a remix of Loefah's classic beat over the last couple of days and came up with this subby house number:

Loefah - horror show (snypa's house in the dark remix)

Lemme know what you think :)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

As promised part 2

 Benga and scream put in a guest appearence.
 Ninja pacca
Bonus pic 1: myself and two crack heads. 
 1: dog

2: bra and scarf

3: alcohol


5: profit!
this is a little obsene, i agree.

As promised pt 1

As promised, here is part 1 of my visit to the alpacca farm. 
 Me, and my encounter with, 'rasta pacca' can't really see too clearly but that alpacca had some proper natty dreads.
 The most incredible animal to roam this earth; the alpaccas are our kindred spirits.
This alpacca is now signed to night slugs.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Important, must read:

I am going to ask you to do something very hard. I would like for you to think of a loved one, someone who was close to you and has since passed away. Think how much it hurt to loose them. I'm sorry to for your loss and, if there was an easier way of doing this without stirring emotions you would rather keep surpessed I would use that instead but, there isnt. It hurts loosing people around us, it hurts a lot.

All over the world, each year, there are over 50 million people dying of preventable deaths! 50 million people are snatched away from people like you each year for simple, preventable reasons.

In a world where 1% of the world's population ( 69, 162, 632 approx) own 90% of the world's wealth and the other 10% are either in abject poverty or close to that; something has gone terribly wrong.

One of the leading causes for these deaths (around 1.6 million) is poor water. It is easy and near enough free to build a simple water filtration device, why are we not doing this for those unable to help themselves because of the crushing debt we have placed on their lands? Because no one cares? Because it is somebody elses problem? Or because we feel unable?

Do not give your money to charity, do not donate directly to the suffering. What needs to happen is that everybody reading this needs to start asking the people at the top why? The more that ask this simple question the louder our voice.

In order to change this world we need to stop being complacent, we need to get off our arses and seriously start asking why. I can't do it alone, neither can anyone else but, if you feel this world is full of injustice then pass on that feeling to others start asking why and encourage others to do the same.

 I am sick to my stomach of the world I live in, a world where corporations and not individuals rule. They take away the basic human right of water and charge us for the use of it, they invade weaker countries and exploit and depleat. They are not better than you or me. They are certainly not stronger than us.

Seriously, get off your arse and start kicking up a fuss about this shit; it will not do. We, the people of planet earth, are fed up.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Our relationship.....

In the beggining, there were high hopes. I had aquired prior knowledge of you and, to be frank,I was excited about our prospects together. At first, I took my time. I played it cool. After a matter of hours, I could no longer resist. My lips found your neck and we had a brief warm and sticky encounter. I was left dissapointed.

My only regret, dearest bottle of cherry vimto, is that I left you in a warm car on a hot day before encountering you fully.

Perhaps some other time.....

Monday, 2 May 2011

Bin Laden is dead..........................

We have all most likely heard the news and I'm sure most of us on here are thinking the same things. I would sum these events up myself but my housemate and, now, fellow blogger has written a really good article for his new blog (thetardistent) summing up his thoughts on the entire situation.
I am not reccomending his blog due to a bias (being personaly associated with him), this is one of the best first posts of a new blog I have ever read and is really though provoking. I strongly suggest you have a quick read of it and follow him for mor of the same stuff. He assures me this is the first in a long line of thought provoking musings designed to bring out our questioning nature. I have a feeling we may collaborate on a few posts in the not too distant future so keep your eyes peeled for that too.

Peace and love


Thetardistent Reccomended reading fo sho'