Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Spent the best part of today working on a track.....My 5th ever attempt at production and I would very much like some feedback and advice on it.

snypadub- serenity


  1. As a track I like it, very moody.

    Although I really don't like that first kick sample you use and when you layer it with the second kick sample (about 2.40ish the first kick sample sounds like it's slightly out of time with the second). I think your sub is a bit loud.

    That's all that's jumping out at me for now, but that's better than my 5th track was, keep writing and producing tunes and you get better.

    To quote Alix Perez: "Write music for yourself and enjoy it. Don't be so obsessed about mixdowns, vibes are much more important and mixdowns will naturally improve over time."

  2. yo you tried submitting to the dubs section on dee ess eff?

  3. At wrigzilla, great advice man.
    Implemented a few changes, wanted to keep the live drumkit sample but bass boosted it so it is a little more impacting. Restructured the tune so that it flows a bit better and taken the layered kicks away. Havent got round to turning the bass down yet but that is simple enough to do. Have a listen now and tell me if it is improved upon.

    @ version double: up on dee ess eff man.

  4. Put it on youtube so it's easier for viewers to listen to. I'm not going to listen to it because I can't be bothered to download it.

  5. Yeah, it's decent, i like the vibe but you should spend a little more time mixing it.. you should also throw it up on soundcloud or youtube if you want a lot of opinions!

  6. for a 5th attempt its not bad man!

  7. Good work man. I really need to get back into the production game.

  8. Post it in the dubs section mate! Keep up the good work.

  9. You're finding that minimal stuff isn't so easy, huh?

    The sub might be a little loud, but just a little :)

    I don't really like that kick, truthfully. Can't figure out if it is the tonal character of the kick, or just its amp envelope. I think both.

    I think impressions of a lost frequency is a lot more ambitious, and I really like it. If the musical ideas are there, honestly, the production value becomes far less important. In my perspective at least.

    Either way, it is clear you are on a path. Just keep going!

  10. I dug it, can't give any technical advice because I've never even used FL.