Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I love....

Here is a sample of a few noises I am literaly in love with. All part of the bass music culture (obviously), some dubstep, some housey bits and other murkier tracks but here it is the list of love:
Wow, what a tune. Subtle, subby, free and interesting.

This one is haunting, literally turns me to goo.

The guy is a master lyricist and has a great voice. Combine Jukali's talented voice and lyrics with the amazing production of forensics and you get this beautiful track.

More come tonight after I get hold of a smoke and have a sit down.


  1. From the shadow is heavy! , hope it gets a release on vinyl.

  2. all really good posts. i love joy o's new tings myself.

  3. @Ting actually it´s a free digital release

  4. new joy o and boddika is worth checking too apparently
    (i must admit when i saw this title i thought it was going to be actual sounds, as in, specific sounds, as in, the sound of febreze bottles spraying. thats definitely a favourite at the moment)

  5. Nice one snypa and johney, really enjoying this tune

  6. That Joy O 12" is so nice. Really loving his current output.