Monday, 2 May 2011

Bin Laden is dead..........................

We have all most likely heard the news and I'm sure most of us on here are thinking the same things. I would sum these events up myself but my housemate and, now, fellow blogger has written a really good article for his new blog (thetardistent) summing up his thoughts on the entire situation.
I am not reccomending his blog due to a bias (being personaly associated with him), this is one of the best first posts of a new blog I have ever read and is really though provoking. I strongly suggest you have a quick read of it and follow him for mor of the same stuff. He assures me this is the first in a long line of thought provoking musings designed to bring out our questioning nature. I have a feeling we may collaborate on a few posts in the not too distant future so keep your eyes peeled for that too.

Peace and love


Thetardistent Reccomended reading fo sho'


  1. Burial at sea= fact. Swear someone played a burial track on one of the outlook boat parties.

  2. How can you call that a fact? A fact is something that is demonstrable.

  3. point duly noted, anyone hear any burial dropped at outlook boat party that can verify my assumption?