Friday, 15 April 2011

Hey u guys..

I begin this update with an apology to those expecting regular posts. I have finnished uni now and am staying with my gf for a while and, as a result, have very limited internet access (about once a week). Never fear though, I am still checking through my follower's blogs and seeing some great stuff.

During my last visit to the interwebs I decided to grab a bunch of rinse podcasts to listen to for those times when there isn't much to do and no web. I have to say, if you haven't already, grab oneman, crises and youngsta's latest offerings; each one is absolute brilliance.

 Will hopefully be back with an update some time next week.
Love to the homies :)


  1. I always grab the Youngsta podcast. Soundtrack to my bus journeys for the week.

  2. Forgot to mention Roska's one too. I think my fave is btwn roska and oneman this week.

  3. Really don't pay enough attention to Youngsta's rinse set. Anyone got some linkage for where I can get the back catalogue?