Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I'm learning

I have been bashing out quite a few tunes of late. I feel, the more prolific I am, the more I shall learn. Untill recently, however, I hadn't dabbled in any house music. This is an early attempt at house, needs bare work but tell me what you rekon all the same:

TRG- time is now (snypa's house party edit)


  1. house is where its at right now!

    i dunno if its my studio or what but the bass in that tune is WAY too loud man, i can only hear hats, kick and the sub aha. I know there is a melody there with snares etc but I cant turn my monitors up anymore to hear them without getting a knock from my neighbours...

    tip: house is all about the percussion, get those snares and claps rolling and the tripples flowing off the high hats!

    sounds like you got the bassline rolling, but need to get some shuffle in there!

    feel free to check some of my "house" tunes here:
    (shameless plug but wtf right)

  2. yeah house is wicked all year round

    the ideas in this are really nice, but as version says the percussion needs work to give it a bit more swing, and some processing to make them a bit less dry sounding.

    i must say though, its still a shit-ton better than my early productions were. keep it up!

  3. Listened to this the other day, you're like a beginner, too many ideas, not enough realization of each idea.

    Think on that says yoda!

  4. I am a begginer!!! Yeah loads of ideas, i'm more like an adhd kid, I like an idea and play with it then get bored and move on before the first idea is fully realised. Loads of time this summer to experiment and hone in on my sound though. This is only my 5th or so full production since beggining.